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Our Search Service


Our USP is that we personally tour the office properties with you.  Why is this important, it saves you time and makes the viewing process easier!

The search for the perfect office space is more than just about the 4 walls you'll be sat it, its about discovering a place to create an identity and run your business from.


As time is often at a premium, we offer a consultative service that provides advice throughout the journey. Unlike a conventional web based broker service, we personal guide you around the properties.  We take away the mystery out of the market, to build each search around the individual needs and provide a service which is customised to you. 

As part of our search we will aim to understand each individual businesses needs thoroughly to all cover off all aspects from transports links for staff, to where is a good place to get the team together after work. As well as taking into account the 'must haves' and 'would be nice', to be able to guide towards the right office options.




Our proposal is a consultative service that does all the hard searching for you, we will want to meet you, take your needs, help negotiate the deal and support all your requirements.

Transparent pricing

  • If you require a flexible Serviced option there is no upfront or final cost to you! We recoup our fee from the property providers.

  • If it's a Lease or Managed Suite our fee is 7% of the average 12 month rental arrangement.  If applicable we also charge 10% on savings from the headline rental.

Our affiliates can also advise on furniture designs and IT/Telecoms provisions, if required.

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Office solutions

Finding a flexible or permanent home for your new office in London can be a daunting task. There are so many options available today, ranging from Virtual offices to fully leased office space.  We can help you decide on the pros and cons of leasing Vs renting.

Serviced office solutions: - click here

  • Find your ideal office with all the perks of a permanent home without all the overheads

  • Serviced offices offer flexible contract terms

  • Transparent pricing structures

  • Controllable monthly costs  

  • Itemised monthly invoices

  • Contracts available for 1-36 months

  • On site meeting rooms on pay as you use basis

  • Flexibility to expand and contract when needed

  • Fully furnished 

  • Avoids expensive fit-out and capex costs 

  • Security and cleaning services included,

  • Plus the benefits of the Virtual Offices

Leased or Managed suites: - click here

  • Give you the option to create and own your own space

  • Benefit from long term cost savings

  • A managed suite offers all the benefits of serviced office but allows you create a real identity 

  • Locking in your costs gives long term clear fixed costs

  • Offers you the chance to build a business presence in a prime location

  • Free up working capital by not being locked into an asset 

  • A lease option gives you less headaches and more time to focus on business



Discovering flexible office spaces is totally free, as brokers we get a fee from the suppliers, so let us do the leg work for you!