• Matthew Blair

New Decade, New Job?

If you're reading this on the packed train to or from work, or sat back in the office you're probably ready for a new challenge!

The last decade was full of first, the Ipad, Instagram, Cryptocurrencies and now more digital TV channels than ever.

It's the recent boom in digital technologies that have driven the need for more flexible working, with connectivity to work in the palm of our hands, the working landscape has totally evolved. Home working is no longer seen as a 'hangover' working from home excuse! its an essential part of flexible working and a change in the way we work.

As companies have looked to downsize there expensive real estate portfolios, business are adopting coworking and serviced offices.

The Flex sector is therefore booming and creating more and more career opportunities for building management, sales people , marketing professionals and operational teams.

At MBS we've already seen a variety of jobs come into the office and these are just a few we'd like to share with you.

Flex Office Roles:

  • RM South £45K

  • CM Letchworth £29K

  • CM St. Helens £24K

  • CM £25K

  • Sales Exec £30K

  • MAT Cover CM £36K

  • Sale Admin £25K

  • Sales Exec £30K

  • CM £35K

  • BD Sales £32K

Interested in working in Real Estate?

If you're in hospitality, leisure or in another likeminded industry, transferring into commercial real estate is a very realistic move. The industry is growing fast, career progression is quick and opportunities are fluid.

If you'd like chat about a particular role or simply talk about new opportunities for 2020, send your CV or get in touch -

Make 2020 a year to remember!

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