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MBS are supporting UK Scale-ups

UK: The Scaleup Nation

The UK has seen phenomenal increase of scaleups in the past few years. But what help is out there for companies at the next stage of development?

The stage past the important start-up phase, scaleups represents the next level to corporate aspirations. A critical growth period and important time for fledgling companies in avoiding a plateau, and placing a strong emphasis on performance and long-term, sustainable growth

Fortunately, recent times has shown there is a real focus on scaleups and their role in the UK economy, both as employers and enablers of growth.

They can be found in every sector across the UK. According to the 2018 Scaleup Index, London leads the way In the highest concentration of scaleups outside of London, followed by Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.

Tech Nation’s report stated that “investment in UK scaleup digital tech firms grew 61% in 2018, ranking the UK fourth after the US, China and India.”

High-Growth Firm Support

A high-growth firm or now more commonly known as a scaleup is a company with an average annualised return of at least 20% in the past three years, with at least 10 employees and have proven themselves viable, as opposed to those establishing themselves “Start ups”.

The Scaleup Institute reports that the 2 core challenges for scaleups in 2018 include access to markets, especially overseas customers, and talent acquisition.

Right place, Right time

The location of a business in a specific area is often very significant to the scaleup business, and can define a brand and its ability to attract/retain the best talent. Cost restrictions, will mean start-ups and scaleups often choose locations situated far from the city centres or prestigious areas.

This can effect attracting the right talent in the growth period and also hinder clients from visiting regularly.

Finding affordable and suitable office space in the right areas or streets has never been so competitive, with literally dozens of new or existing location becoming available on a monthly basis across London.

Flexible Office Space is an attractive solution for both start-ups and scaleups alike, allowing expansion and contraction at very short notice. Giving the scaleup the freedom to reduce risk of entering new markets, and without sizeable investment and/or Capital Expenditure. As such the Flex Office markets

Biggest growth of the London flex market over the last two years has been the demand for 20+ desk enquiries, which has increased by 45% year on year since 2016.(1)

Many flexible workspace providers are now offering a tailored customised office space, that is designed and managed to fit the scaleup company’s culture and brand identity, often upon self contained floors with shared common areas (which they may have become accustomed to in modern Serviced offices), these are often on the ground or lower ground floors, offering large lounge/breakout space and meeting rooms, games areas and gym studios. This sector is often referred to as the “Managed Office”.

MBS Property, have seen this trend in the increase of demand of this throughout 2019.

The flex office market is adapting to the way work is changing, leading to greater flexibility, agility and utilisation of space.

The rise of cloud-based platforms and new technologies have meant the tech problems that have historically plagued start-ups are no longer a key concern and the flex market offers great IT provisions all inclusive to the rental costs.

Feel free to contact for a definitive list of available managed office space in your industries desired market.


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