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Is it time to move office?

There are so many reasons why an uninspiring office space, in a poor location can be detrimental to achieving a healthy business environment. Your office space doesn't need to overly expensive or in a risky long term lease commitment to create an inspiring place to do business, meet clients and attract the best talent.

In recent research 8/10 employee's said that would consider turning down a job that didn't offer flexible working and 7/10 would turn a job down based on wellbeing.

In this article we look at some of the main factors that influence companies to change where they choose to do business.

Take a look at these 3 popular reasons to pick an office location and decide if maybe it's time to change?


An office location is vitally important for a number of reasons and is often overlooked when a business starts up.

1. Did you choose the office simply because it was the easiest location for you, before considering your team and future employees?

2. Is your location in a desirable location?

- close to local transport links

- do you have local amenities near by, shops, bars and restaurants

- does it match the demographics of your workforce, in fact do you understand the demographics of your workforce

- if clients do visit, is it easy to find, is there plenty of parking and well sign posted...does it have a wow factor

3. Are your offices in an area of re-development and regeneration or off grid?

Quality of Environment

The wellbeing of your workforce and the quality of the working environment is essential for employee retention and productivity. As the flexible office market evolves, workspaces have become more dynamic, offering relaxation areas, roof top terraces, onsite gyms, modern cafés/bar spaces and free breakout areas.

Are you happy with your current office environment?

- Does it offer facilities that your satisfied with

- Do you have a quality reception service

- Are there meeting rooms, break out spaces and places for staff to socialise/network outside of the office

- If you've managed kitchens, are they always fully stocked with cups and drinks

- Are the amenities like the toilet and breakout areas clean, well maintained and modern

Office Price

Price is of course relative, but it has to be quantifiable and essentially adding value to the business.

When was the last time you looked at alternative office space and didn't just use 'Price' as the only reason to consider a move?

- Is your current space being utilised efficiently and cost effectively

- how often are the desks in the office full or are they under utilised potentially wasting money!

- would investing in a new working environment likely to attract stronger talent and improve staff retention

In summary, succesful companies are more mindful of their office environment, care about their team and make positive moves to improve wellbeing and work life balance.

There are many more reasons why businesses chose to be where they are, but if this article has inspired you to consider a new office, please get in touch for a FREE market evaluation.


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